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Sunday, 7 November 2010

365 days project - week 43

I've got really behind with uploading pictures and with blogging each week's progress, but don't worry, I am still on track with the project, it just might take a while to catch up on here.

Day 302 - More naughty treats

Day 301 - Flaming Autumn

As it's half term, I was able to pay a visit to Harcourt Arboretum today to get some pictures of the beautiful autum leaves.

The colours are just spectacular, and as the sun was shining today, the trees were just flaming in the autumn light.

Day 300

Wow!  Day 300!  And another photo of Chester, I'm afraid.  He was having a lazy evening.

Day 299

Day 298

The autum light has been just beautiful in the afternoons lately.  I've been taking advantage of it as much as I can.

Day 297 - Chocolate and caramel and yumm

So, my 365 seems to consist mainly of pictures of .... my shoes and my naughty food.  Today - my naughty food.  I'm not feeling very well today, so I had to get some comfort food in.  These were soooooo good!

Day 296 - Introspection


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