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Monday, 30 August 2010

365 days project - week 34

Back from Ireland, but now I'm having to get back into work mode.  Term starts on Wednesday, and I've got lots to do to get prepared, especially with my new job.  Definitely the end of the summer now :-(

Day 239

Still pouring down with rain.  Miserable day with no inspiration when I spotted some flowers I hadn't photographed yet.

Day 238

For Wall Wednesday

Day 237 - The Burren

Day 236

Day 235 - It sure is!

Day 234

Day 233

I've had my eye on this field for a while.  (Yes, I am a geek!)

Day 323 - At the Allotment

I thought I'd try out my new grad grey filter today.  Seeing as it's such a miserable day, I had a go at getting some dramatic skies.

Not sure I've cracked it yet.  Any advice would be more than welcome.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

All about Ireland

I've just come back from a 3-day trip to County Clare in Ireland, so have a few new photos to share.  I've never visited Ireland before, and have got to say it is the most beautiful country; the landscapes are just breathtaking with so much to see.

I'll stop waffling on and post the pics:

Saturday, 21 August 2010

365 days project - week 33

Got back from my holidays with a bit of a bump this week!  The South of France was glorious sunshine from morning to night every single day.  Oxfordshire is not quite the same this week; it has been grey and miserable with plenty of rotten rain showers since the minute I stepped off the plane.

So, not the most inspired photos this week, but I'm going to Ireland for a few days next week, so to inspire me to make the most of those heavy grey skies, I treated myself to a grey grad filter.  Expect lots of moody landscapes to come (and possibly some serious lust for a proper wide-angle landscape lens)!

Day 231 - What's in your bag?

It's a pretty grim day outside and I'm rather lacking inspiration, so I thought I'd have a go at one of these shots.

Not the most exciting handbag contents, but I have a good clean out as often as I can as I can't stand having junk in my bag.

Day 230 - Chocolate courgette cake

Still got lots of courgettes to use up, so I thought I'd give this recipe a try.

The verdict is that it's pretty delicious!

Day 229 - Rain rain go away!

Day 228

I had to send my iphone away today to be repaired as it's having problems getting a decent reception.  In return, I have been given this ridiculous plastic toy phone which I HATE!!  I keep pressing the wrong buttons, none of my contacts have copied across so I keep having to check my ipod to get anyone's number.

I would love to smash it up and I can't wait to get my real phone back.

Day 227

My beautiful boy loves watching a bit of TV.

Day 226

My brother looked after my dog whilst I was away so I popped out today to get some of his favourite coffee eclairs as a thank you.

Day 225

Another iphone shot which I will upload as soon as I've got my phone back.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

365 days project - week 32

Holiday week!  I went away to St Aygulf on the French Riviera this week, so had lots of holiday snap opportunities for my 365.

Unfortunately I took a couple of photos on my iphone, which has now gone off to be repaired, so I can't upload them.  However, as I like to do things properly (geek) I can't possibly leave blanks, so please excuse the temporary days!

Day 224

Day 223 - St Tropez

Day 222

The view from my hotel balcony.  Thought I'd try a long exposure tonight.

Day 221

Day 220

Day 219

Day 218

Thursday, 5 August 2010

365 days project - week 31

Day 217

Day 216 - Holiday Feet

I'm off on my holidays on Friday, so after work today I had a pedicure!  I've never had one before, but it was soooo lovely and relaxing.  And look how lovely and pretty my toes look now.

Day 215

Rubbish shot, but it was getting rather late when I remembered I hadn't done my 365 shot so I quickly grabbed my camera and thought I'd get a quick low-light shot.  Not at all happy with how it turned out :-(

Day 214

Yummm!  There is nothing better than a bit of comfort food, and there's no better comfort food than boiled egg and soldiers.

You may notice I don't actually have any proper egg cups.  I've never really bothered because I find that shot glasses do just as well.

Day 213 - Dumb blonde

Oh dear, another rushed rubbish shot tonight.

This stuff smells so delicious and is brilliant for those bad hair days (and is rather appropriate for me, as I do have a tendency to live up to the dumb blonde stereotype at times.)

Day 212 - Red Blue Red

I'm heading off camping today (well, sort of camping; I actually have a bed for the night, but shhhh).  Quickly grabbed a shot of my camping chairs all folded up and ready to go.

Day 211 - Dancing Feet

I'm off in a minute for a Zumba evening.  I've been doing Zumba in classes for a while now, but my instructor is having a special promotional evening, so we're off to dance and party!

365 days project - week 30

Day 210 - Whirlypop

I bought these for the shoot I did yesterday. I thought they might be good to keep the children occupied.... except I only remembered I had them once I'd got home!

Silly me! Still, I thought they'd make good props for a self-portrait for today's 365. I'm feeling in a colourful mood.
Day 209

One of my good friends asked me a while ago if I'd take some pictures for her and her sister of all their children.  They wanted to give their mum a picture of all her grandchildren for her birthday.

They have 5 children between them - all 3 and under!  It was hard work but the mums were just so great at keeping all 5 entertained and letting me get on with just snapping away.

They were all brilliantly behaved and let me get some shots I was pretty pleased with, including this one of my friend's lovely little girl, Hannah.  I hope they're pleased with them too.

Day 208 - Nature's Jewels

After the rain.

Day 207 - Bouquets

Day 206

Yay!  Lots of yummy veg coming up in my garden now.  I've made a delicious potato salad, but not quite sure what to do with my courgettes now.

Day 205 - Not so whoopie pie

I really wanted to make whoopie pies this weekend as I keep hearing about them and how they're the latest delicious thing (and I do love cakes!)

However, these didn't turn out quite so great.  I think the cake mix was far too dry (not sure what was missing) and so they looked not very whoopie at all, and they tasted pretty heavy.

Does anyone have a failsafe recipe or should I just write this one off and stick to the good old fairy cakes and cookies?

Day 204 - Summer Sun

I saw these in the market today and they were so bright and sunny that I bought them to cheer up the living room.