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Monday, 30 August 2010

365 days project - week 34

Back from Ireland, but now I'm having to get back into work mode.  Term starts on Wednesday, and I've got lots to do to get prepared, especially with my new job.  Definitely the end of the summer now :-(

Day 239

Still pouring down with rain.  Miserable day with no inspiration when I spotted some flowers I hadn't photographed yet.

Day 238

For Wall Wednesday

Day 237 - The Burren

Day 236

Day 235 - It sure is!

Day 234

Day 233

I've had my eye on this field for a while.  (Yes, I am a geek!)

Day 323 - At the Allotment

I thought I'd try out my new grad grey filter today.  Seeing as it's such a miserable day, I had a go at getting some dramatic skies.

Not sure I've cracked it yet.  Any advice would be more than welcome.


Frank L said...

I love your photos! My favorite shot here is the hay shot. I love how you used the leading lines and the colors.

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