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Monday, 31 May 2010

365 days project - week 21

Day 147

I love my pink handbag!

Day 146 - Zip it!

A friend gave me this. Apparently I talk too much and need to learn when to zip it! Me? Never!

Day 145 - Chives

The chives in my garden have started to flower now. I love how fluffy and purple they are.

Day 144 - Ooh! How rude!

Whoops, I took my shot in a bit of a rush as I got in quite late from aerobics.  The petals were just dropping off my tulips, so I thought I'd go for a detailed macro shot.

I didn't realise it looked so friggin' rude!!  Oh well!

Day 143 - Goofy head

I went round to my brother and sister-in-law's this evening for a barbeque as it was such a gorgeous, sunny evening.  Raphaael decided that Goofy would like to be in today's 365 shot.

Day 142

Day 141

I have spent the weekend putting on a revision residential for our exam students at a local hotel. It went fantastically well and the kids were just brilliant. So worthwhile.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

365 days project - week 20

20 weeks!  How exciting!  The weather has been gorgeous this week, and a little bit of sunshine really perks me up.  Here are this week's shots.

Day 140

Day 139 - Yellow and blue

It's a beautiful day today, so after work, I took my camera out to capture the gorgeous colours of spring.

The yellow and blue is also in honour of the mighty Oxford United achieving promotion to the football league on Sunday (come on you yellows!!)
Day 138

Day 137 - Little Luxuries

I love having nice things in my bath! A little while ago, a colleague at work gave me this Cath Kidston set when I was feeling a bit down. I love saving things like this for a long, lazy and indulgent evening.

Day 136 - Hannah Sophia

I went to visit my friend's new baby today. She's just a week old and all sleepy and newborn and lovely. Lots of gorgeous baby cuddles!

Day 135

Day 134 - Cheeky

My nephew again. He really is a gorgeous little boy!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

A couple of cuties

I've been getting a little bit of portrait practice in over the last few days.

My nephew is always a willing model, and his gorgeous brown eyes always make him a lovely subject.

A good friend of mine gave birth to her second daughter last Saturday, so when I went to visit her, I took the opportunity to get a sneaky shot in.  She is just perfect.

Friday, 14 May 2010

365 days project - week 19

Right, after a very busy and stressful week at work, I may just start to get my life back.  Which means that there should be fewer last minute, lazy photos in my 365 project, and I might get back into getting out and about and trying new things.  Especially as we're moving into summer and the sun is starting to shine a little more.

Day 133 - Tiny Flowers

Day 132

Such a long day today! I had an options evening and was in work until 9pm, so when I got in, all I could manage was this rather crappy shot of the first thing I saw lying about - my pencil case!

Day 131

Day 130

Day 129

Day 128

We're out celebrating my friend's birthday tonight! I picked up these massive helium balloons in town earlier, and had to carry them home, so I did look a bit of a plonker!

Day 127

Friday, 7 May 2010

365 days project - week 18

Yikes!  This project is getting hard!  It was Bank Holiday weekend, and I had a lot of fun, but found it hard to squeeze in my photos or do anything even vaguely creative.  I really need to get back on track!

Day 126 - Who will it be?

Election night tonight!

I've been to cast my vote and will be watching the results eagerly.

Day 125 - Pamper time

Another manic day at work, then running around most of the evening, so a bit of a rushed shot tonight. Anyway, my Bodyshop order arrived today, so I can't wait for some serious pampering!

Day 124

Day 123 - Cake, the answer to all life's problems

After a rather heavy weekend, the only solution on a Bank Holiday Monday is a big, fat carrot cake to get me back on my feet!

Day 122

Last night was a rather heavy one. I'm getting too old these days, and tend to suffer so much the next day. All I can manage to do is have an early night with my book and some music.

Day 121

I love the flower shops in the Covered Market. They've got all these pretty things for the garden hanging up outside, and it just looks so cute!

Day 120
Look who was lurking on my patio. I think he came to tell me it was going to be a wet Bank Holiday weekend :(

Sunday, 2 May 2010

365 days project - week 17

I'm not too happy with how my 365 is going at the moment.  I have a lot on at work at the moment, with lots of late nights, and I'm so tired when I get in that I have no imagination for creative and interesting shots.  Hopefully when things ease off a bit, I'll be able to get back on track.

Day 119 - Woof!

Another late night, I'm afraid. Lots of work to do at the moment, and not much time for 365. As you may have noticed, my dog, Chester, is rather special. This is his rather smart dog tag.

Day 118 - Spritz

I went to a Body Shop party tonight. Didn't get my 365 shot done until I got in rather late! I won this body mist in the 'bitch raffle' (I don't think it's really called that, but it sounds about right). It smells gawjus!!

Day 117 - Hazy, summer days

I love that in the springtime my garden comes into its own! It looks so inviting in the evening sun. My beautiful cherry tree is blossoming, I've just had some lovely raised beds built for my vegetables, and there's nothing nicer than getting in from work, and taking a good book to lay back and relax in the swing seat!

Day 116 - Chives

Day 115 - Cherry Blossom

The cherry tree in my garden is in full bloom now! It's so lovely when it comes out and brings a bit of life back to the garden.

Day 114

I was just on my way out this evening, when I realised I hadn't done my 365 shot, so I did a quick, handheld SP.

My skin is horrible at the moment, so thank god for PS and skin smoothing!

Day 113