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Friday, 26 February 2010

365 days project - week 8

Day 56 - Who's been messing with the fridge poetry?
Hmm.... not amusing!

Day 55 - One a penny, two a penny...

For Camille's Appeal nursery rhymes theme.
I do love hot cross buns, and they fit the theme, so here you go!
Sorry about the clashing colours and patterns!
Does the apron make it look like I baked them myself (cos I didn't - Tesco's 'Be Good To Yourself', I'll have you know!)
Day 54 - Book Ball

I took a trip to the theatre last night to see Pride and Prejudice (was quite good, by the way!), so was in work all day without much chance of a shot.
This was lying around in the office, so I thought it'd do for another colourful shot today. It's an inflatable ball with statements about books on it, if anyone's interested.
Day 53 - Rainbow
I've been sorting out my drawers at work today and thought the bright colours of my felt tips would be a cheerful picture on another dull, winter's day.

Day 52 - Fairy Tales
This week, the theme of the week for Camille's" Appeal is Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales. Immediately, I thought about this book which my mum gave to me as a little girl, and she in turn read in her childhood.
I love the thought of reading a book and being transported into a magical, fantasy world, which is what fairy tales are all about.
Please take the time to visit the Camille's Appeal Camille's Appeal website , to see how you can help this brave little girl and others like her.
Day 51
I've been admiring everyone else's snowdrop pictures, and feeling very envious that I haven't found any pretty snow drops yet.... until today, that is!

I found a little clump of snowdrops and buttercups today, so hopefully this means that spring is definitely on its way!

Day 50

I've not been very well over the last couple of days, so this is all I've managed to take and upload from my sick bed.
My mum came round today and dropped this off to cheer me up! It is rather pretty.
I processed this shot with the coffeeshop vintage blush action.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

A lovely family session

A friend of mine asked if I could do some photos of her 3 children for her. Her ex-husband is in the army and will be going away to Afghanistan shortly, so it would be nice for him to have some photos of the three of them together.

We went to a local park, and although the day was pretty miserable and overcast, the children were lovely and had a great time playing around, so I got a few decent (hopefully) shots out of the session.

Friday, 19 February 2010

365 days project - week 7

Day 49

I've not been very well over the last couple of days, so this is all I've managed to take and upload from my sick bed.

I remember when I was little, cough medicine was really tasty. Well, believe me, this stuff is bleurgh!! I stopped taking it after I started being sick as the thought of putting any more of that in my mouth just made me gag!

A big thumbs down for Boots chesty cough relief!

Day 48

A friend of mine asked if I could take some pictures of her children for her ex husband who's in the army and heading to Afghanistan soon.

They are really lovely children and had a great time at the park. On this one, I tried out Rita's Coffeeshop Sunkissed action. Really like the effect it gives (as it was such a grey and overcast day in reality!)

Day 47 - Happy Pancake Day!
Pancake day! I love pancakes, and I'm feeling all full of cold today, so I thought I'd treat myself to chocolate and banana pancakes.... for lunch.... cos I'm hard like that! I can confirm, they were delicious!

I thought I'd try a triptych today. I am all over these clipping masks in PS - it's my new favourite thing!

Day 46 - Smiley

I'm on half term this week, but using the week off to catch up on lots of marking and planning. Despite the fact that the students I teach are well 'ard teenagers, they love cute things, so I always order loads of stickers like these to pepper their books with!

Day 45 - Cup of Love
I've wanted to try this for a while, and as this week's Camille's Appeal theme is Hearts and Valentine's, then I thought today would be a good day to try.

Not sure quite how well it came out, but it was fun trying.

Please take the time to look at the Camille's" Appeal flickr group and the website and see if you can help this brave little girl in some way.

Day 44 - The first colour of spring
This winter seems like it has dragged on for ages! It's been so cold and dull.

So, when I was taking a walk this afternoon, I was really cheered to spot this tiny little crocus bud glowing in the grass. It's the first splash of colour I've seen, and is surely a sign that spring is finally on the way!

Day 43 - Half term treat

Half term starts today - wahoo!

I'm going out for a meal tonight with a couple of friends, and am going to chill out! I was given this as a present from the student teacher I'm mentoring, so I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing drink.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

365 days project - week 6

Day 42

It's World Book Day next month, and as I'm an English teacher, we're preparing for this at work.
We are all bringing in our favourite book which we will be photographed with (covering our faces), for the students to guess who's who.

This is my choice! It's probably not my favourite book in terms of a beautifully written book, or one that I would read again and again, but I think it's one that definitely suits me pretty well (especially if you've read any of my tales about Chester and me!)

Day 41 - Walnut Whip

Yay! I got the job, so I'm celebrating tonight with a walnut whip... or three.
I'm so rock and roll, me.

Day 40 - Wish me luck!

Sorry for the boring shot, but I've been busy tonight preparing for an interview tomorrow! I'm very nervous as it's going to be pretty intense and I really need to know my stuff, so I'm saving all my energies for tomorrow afternoon.

Day 39 - Swirly Sweets

I seem to be buying a lot of sweets for my 365 project, and I'm trying to be good and not eat them (didn't manage that with the cake though!), so I had these left over from one of my earlier shots and thought I'd recycle for today's shot.

This gorgeous cocktail glass was given to me by one of my best friends who was my flatmate at uni. We met up yesterday, which reminded me that this glass would make a rather cool photo. Looked a bit boring on its own, so I filled it up with the Love Hearts!

Day 38 - Childhood nostalgia

Not the best shot this evening but I've been really busy today... and my jelly babies kept falling over!

For Camille's Appeal the theme this week is 'childhood', and when I saw these in the shop this afternoon, it did make me all nostalgic for childhood bus journeys to school when we used to stock up with jelly babies and bubble gum in the corner shop before we got on the bus, then scoff them all before school!

Day 37 - Sequin Sparkle
For Camille's" appeal 'bokeh' theme week.

Day 36 - Not a happy boy

Chester got into a spot of bother the other day. It appears he stole a pair of leggings from out of the bin and ate them! Don't ask how or why, I have no idea!

I brought him home tonight after two nights staying at the vets and a two-hour operation, untwisting the offending articles from his intestines!

He is feeling very sorry for himself tonight. He's not usually allowed on the sofa, but I'm feeling a bit sorry for him. There's a lot of whimpering going on next to me right now. I'd like to think he's learnt his lesson, but I'm not too sure about that.

Friday, 5 February 2010

365 days project - week 5

Day 35 - Tea, dear?

I love the collection of tea cups and saucers my sister in law has on her dresser. They're so pretty and dainty!

Day 34 - Harmony

I found this in my knicker drawer this morning! I remember my mum buying it for me as a present when I was little, on a trip to London.

I can't really play it very well, but I love the battered up old case and the retro feel of it.

Day 33 - Pretty new dress

I went into town at the weekend just to get some new leggings, and ended up coming home with a couple of new purchases (whoops!)
One of them was this dress, which I thought was too pretty to resist! Now I need to go somewhere nice so I can wear it.

Day 32 - Splosh

I tried water drops a while ago and was a bit rubbish, so I've been planning to have another go for my 365. I've seen some amazing water drop shots on here, and I really haven't a clue how to get anywhere close to that!

I ended up taking loads of shots tonight, and did really struggle with the focusing, but I did find out that this is another rather addictive type of photography.

Anyway, this was the best I managed out of the set. Still not great, but it'll do for today.

Day 31 - Bakeh

This week's theme for Camille's Appeal group is bokeh, so I thought I'd have my first attempt at shaped bokeh. I even bought a craft punch especially for the occasion - and baked some cakes (well, I fancied making them anyway!)

Please do check out the group and post any of your own bokeh pictures there this week, and more importantly, have a look at the appeal website and see if there is any way you can help this very brave little girl and others like her.

Day 30

Looking for inspiration for today's shot, I found some stinky garlic in my fridge!

I'm looking forward to the spring coming properly, as I'm planning on growing lots of lovely things in my vegetable patch, and think I'll have a go at growing some of my own garlic amongst other things.

Day 29 - Night Lights

I was in town this evening, so thought I'd have a go at a couple of long-exposures. I didn't get many I liked - this one's a bit messy - but it was good fun trying.

Being in town on a Friday night with a camera, with lots of late-night drinkers around, is always interesting. Particularly interesting when one man walked past and took his trousers down whilst walking in front of my camera. Needless to say, I didn't click the shutter release at that moment!