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Saturday, 13 February 2010

365 days project - week 6

Day 42

It's World Book Day next month, and as I'm an English teacher, we're preparing for this at work.
We are all bringing in our favourite book which we will be photographed with (covering our faces), for the students to guess who's who.

This is my choice! It's probably not my favourite book in terms of a beautifully written book, or one that I would read again and again, but I think it's one that definitely suits me pretty well (especially if you've read any of my tales about Chester and me!)

Day 41 - Walnut Whip

Yay! I got the job, so I'm celebrating tonight with a walnut whip... or three.
I'm so rock and roll, me.

Day 40 - Wish me luck!

Sorry for the boring shot, but I've been busy tonight preparing for an interview tomorrow! I'm very nervous as it's going to be pretty intense and I really need to know my stuff, so I'm saving all my energies for tomorrow afternoon.

Day 39 - Swirly Sweets

I seem to be buying a lot of sweets for my 365 project, and I'm trying to be good and not eat them (didn't manage that with the cake though!), so I had these left over from one of my earlier shots and thought I'd recycle for today's shot.

This gorgeous cocktail glass was given to me by one of my best friends who was my flatmate at uni. We met up yesterday, which reminded me that this glass would make a rather cool photo. Looked a bit boring on its own, so I filled it up with the Love Hearts!

Day 38 - Childhood nostalgia

Not the best shot this evening but I've been really busy today... and my jelly babies kept falling over!

For Camille's Appeal the theme this week is 'childhood', and when I saw these in the shop this afternoon, it did make me all nostalgic for childhood bus journeys to school when we used to stock up with jelly babies and bubble gum in the corner shop before we got on the bus, then scoff them all before school!

Day 37 - Sequin Sparkle
For Camille's" appeal 'bokeh' theme week.

Day 36 - Not a happy boy

Chester got into a spot of bother the other day. It appears he stole a pair of leggings from out of the bin and ate them! Don't ask how or why, I have no idea!

I brought him home tonight after two nights staying at the vets and a two-hour operation, untwisting the offending articles from his intestines!

He is feeling very sorry for himself tonight. He's not usually allowed on the sofa, but I'm feeling a bit sorry for him. There's a lot of whimpering going on next to me right now. I'd like to think he's learnt his lesson, but I'm not too sure about that.


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