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Friday, 26 February 2010

365 days project - week 8

Day 56 - Who's been messing with the fridge poetry?
Hmm.... not amusing!

Day 55 - One a penny, two a penny...

For Camille's Appeal nursery rhymes theme.
I do love hot cross buns, and they fit the theme, so here you go!
Sorry about the clashing colours and patterns!
Does the apron make it look like I baked them myself (cos I didn't - Tesco's 'Be Good To Yourself', I'll have you know!)
Day 54 - Book Ball

I took a trip to the theatre last night to see Pride and Prejudice (was quite good, by the way!), so was in work all day without much chance of a shot.
This was lying around in the office, so I thought it'd do for another colourful shot today. It's an inflatable ball with statements about books on it, if anyone's interested.
Day 53 - Rainbow
I've been sorting out my drawers at work today and thought the bright colours of my felt tips would be a cheerful picture on another dull, winter's day.

Day 52 - Fairy Tales
This week, the theme of the week for Camille's" Appeal is Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales. Immediately, I thought about this book which my mum gave to me as a little girl, and she in turn read in her childhood.
I love the thought of reading a book and being transported into a magical, fantasy world, which is what fairy tales are all about.
Please take the time to visit the Camille's Appeal Camille's Appeal website , to see how you can help this brave little girl and others like her.
Day 51
I've been admiring everyone else's snowdrop pictures, and feeling very envious that I haven't found any pretty snow drops yet.... until today, that is!

I found a little clump of snowdrops and buttercups today, so hopefully this means that spring is definitely on its way!

Day 50

I've not been very well over the last couple of days, so this is all I've managed to take and upload from my sick bed.
My mum came round today and dropped this off to cheer me up! It is rather pretty.
I processed this shot with the coffeeshop vintage blush action.


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