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Thursday, 5 August 2010

365 days project - week 30

Day 210 - Whirlypop

I bought these for the shoot I did yesterday. I thought they might be good to keep the children occupied.... except I only remembered I had them once I'd got home!

Silly me! Still, I thought they'd make good props for a self-portrait for today's 365. I'm feeling in a colourful mood.
Day 209

One of my good friends asked me a while ago if I'd take some pictures for her and her sister of all their children.  They wanted to give their mum a picture of all her grandchildren for her birthday.

They have 5 children between them - all 3 and under!  It was hard work but the mums were just so great at keeping all 5 entertained and letting me get on with just snapping away.

They were all brilliantly behaved and let me get some shots I was pretty pleased with, including this one of my friend's lovely little girl, Hannah.  I hope they're pleased with them too.

Day 208 - Nature's Jewels

After the rain.

Day 207 - Bouquets

Day 206

Yay!  Lots of yummy veg coming up in my garden now.  I've made a delicious potato salad, but not quite sure what to do with my courgettes now.

Day 205 - Not so whoopie pie

I really wanted to make whoopie pies this weekend as I keep hearing about them and how they're the latest delicious thing (and I do love cakes!)

However, these didn't turn out quite so great.  I think the cake mix was far too dry (not sure what was missing) and so they looked not very whoopie at all, and they tasted pretty heavy.

Does anyone have a failsafe recipe or should I just write this one off and stick to the good old fairy cakes and cookies?

Day 204 - Summer Sun

I saw these in the market today and they were so bright and sunny that I bought them to cheer up the living room.


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