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Monday, 4 June 2012


Jubilant, a photo by KatieSh on Flickr.
I wasn't that bothere about the Diamond Jubilee. It's a good excuse for a few days off and a bit of celebration, but I find it hard to get excited about the royal family.

But, today I got a taste for what it's all about and remembered that it doesn't really matter what your views are on the royal family, the jubilee is a great reason to celebrate community and come together with people you might not usually have much chance to exchange more than a 'Hello' with on an ordinary day.

So, this afternoon, my neighbour knocked on my door to tell me that they'd started an impromptu garden party and were hoping the whole street could join in. We have communal gardens out the back, so it's perfect for this sort of thing. Everyone brought a bit of something to eat or drink and we all just chatted and got to know one another a bit better whilst the Pimm's was flowing and the children played.

We even managed a toast to the Queen.... but more importantly, we raised a toast to Bath Terrace and all the fabulous people who live here!


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