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Sunday, 13 June 2010

365 days project - week 23

Day 161 - Marble Madness

My nephew and sister-in-law spent hours putting together the most elaborate 'marble madness' course yesterday.

You drop a marble down one of the tubes and it goes round and round the course until it reaches the bottom.

You'd never guess how many hours of entertainment this can give a 4 year old.

Day 160 - Big Brother

I'm so excited!  Launch night of the last ever Big Brother!!

I really am such a geek about this.

Day 159

 My lovely raised beds!  Things are starting to grow very nicely.

Potatoes, salad leaves and broad beans in this one.

Day 158 - Pecans

Day 157 - Sunday Baking

It's become a bit of a Sunday tradition for me to do a bit of baking.

This is a butternut squash, banana and pecan loaf.  It was quite nice, but not amazing.  Probably not one I'll try again for a while.

Day 156 - June Love

I made a little visit to the Oxford Botanic Gardens today, as it was another gorgeous, sunny June day.

It really was beautiful - everything just bursting with colour!

Day 155

It came!  I've finally entered the techonological age and can get rid of my brick-phone which I've had for the last 3 years.

Do you like my rather funky cover?  I like to personalise.


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