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Saturday, 16 January 2010

365 days project - week 2

So, I haven't failed my project to take a photo every day for a year just yet. Two weeks done, fifty still to go! I'm really enjoying it, though, and it's definitely making me think so much more about what I'm taking pictures of and how. I know it's not going to be long before I run out of inspiration, but hopefully that will just make me have to be more creative with the shots I take, and push me to try something different.
Here are week 2's results...
Day 8 - Are the snow pictures getting boring yet? I thought I'd try a bit of selective colour with this one. Not sure if it works, but I guess it's something different. The lake was completely frozen over, and when I got closer, I noticed footprints all over the ice! Some people are clearly quite mental!

Day 9 - Snowball fun
My nephew came round this morning, so obviously he insisted that we went straight out in the garden to throw snowballs at Chester the dog! Chester did not find it quite as amusing as my nephew did.
p.s. He doesn't really have enormous hands - he was borrowing my gloves, as he'd left his at home.

Day 10 - Naughty but Nice
I went for a little shopping trip yesterday as I've not had a chance to check out the New Year sales yet, and I may have accidentally picked up these beautiful shoes! I really wasn't meaning to buy shoes - I have far too many already, but these just spoke to me. They're so pretty and elegant, and they had £30 off. So, a little bit naughty of me, but they are very, very nice!

Day 11 - I will use it!
A little while ago, my brother gave me this old manual camera of his. He's had it in his garage for years and thought I'd get more use out of it than him. Well, so far, I've had a play around, but not really gone out and shot with it yet. So, I've resolved to make an effort and get out there with the ol' Nikon manual and see what I can get. I figure it'll make me think much more about my shots as there's no chance to review my shots, and I have to think about all my settings each time before I press the shutter. Watch this space for the results.

Day 12 - Lacking Inspiration
Eurgh! I hate pictures of myself, and this one is rather yucky, but I'm a little low on inspiration today. I've got lots of work to do, so can't set up a decent shot, so a SP it is! But on the good news front, I picked up a new lens today! This was shot on my 35mm 1.8 (yay!) I've got it to replace my nifty fifty which is now gracing the pages of ebay. I love love love my 50mm, but it doesn't autofocus on my camera, and this one does, so I can actually manage a SP now and won't miss so many shots anymore because I'm too busy twiddling the focus ring.

Day 13 - Little Pink Watering Can
We had another load of snow again last night, so everything in my garden is buried again. The only splash of colour was my little pink watering can, poking out of the snow.

Day 14 - This was another Christmas present - a necklace and bracelet made by a local jewellery designer. They were sitting on my dressing table at the end of a long day, so I thought I'd take my shot of something pretty.


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