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Thursday, 28 January 2010

365 days project - week 4

Day 28

A bit of yellow sunshine to cheer up this dreary, winter day!

Day 27 - I heart biscuits!

With Valentine's Day approaching, there are so many cute things in the shops at the moment. I saw these gingerbread biscuits and couldn't resist!
For Camille's Appeal theme of the week - Love

Day 26 - A bit screwy

I'm in a macro mood today

Day 25 - With Love
Yes, I know, it looks like it was written by a 3 year old, but it's my first attempt at light painting!
It was harder than I thought to get right, but in the end it proved rather addictive. I wanted to get some sweetie wrappers to put over the torch for lots of different coloured effects, so it looked a bit cooler, but I am on sweetie ration since Christmas, so none to be found anywhere in the house at the moment!
This photo was taken for Camille's Appeal Group weekly theme of love.

Day 24 - Love
The theme for this week's Camille's Appeal group is 'Love'. I took a few different shots and couldn't decide which I prefered, so I decided to put them together in my first diptych. Not too sure whether it works, but it's good to try something different.
Please take the time to check out the Camille's Appeal Flickr group , and most importantly to visit the appeal website and see if you can help.

Day 23 - Would be better with a cake on it

I love these plates! They're so cute and girly, and just perfect for a big slice of cake.

Day 22

I bought some tulips on my way home today. I thought I needed a bit of spring colour in the house on such a dull and dreary winter day!


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