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Saturday, 13 March 2010

365 days project - week 10

Still going, although I am starting to run a bit low on ideas. I'll have to start getting a bit more creative if I'm going to keep this going.

Day 70
Sorry for the uninspired and OOF shot, but I've just got in from circuits and I'm too tired to try anything else.

Day 69
I took a school trip to the Black Country Museum today, and despite the cold, it was really good fun.

It's a 'living museum' so full of working shops, workshops, houses, all authentically Victorian. There's even a chance to go down the coal mine and have the experience of an authentic Victorian school.
This canal boat was one of the first diesel engined boats to be made, apparently. I just loved the bright, vintage colours.
Day 68 - Hey Sweetie!

Day 67 - Kong
Sorry - really boring picture tonight. I've had a very busy Monday, and this is all I can manage for today's picture.

It's my dog's favourite toy in the world. We got it for him on the first day he came to our house, and it's the only thing that's lasted that long. They claim that Kongs are the indestructable dog toy, and I think that may be true.
Day 66 - Petals
For Camille's" Appeal theme of the week - Flowers.
In June 2009, a stunning little 2 year old, Camille, was diagnosed with a brain tumuor. We hope to raise awareness for the charity, Camilles Appeal, to raise funds for Camille and other young children living in East Anglia who have been diagnosed with a Brain Tumour.
All money raised will be used in conjunction with the work being done by the NHS and other relevant organisations. The treatment of childhood cancers is improving every year. However, there is still a lot that can be done to help children like Camille.
Please visit the URL below to find out more and to donate. We simply cannot thank you enough for your support.

Day 65 - Softie

Day 64


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