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Saturday, 9 October 2010

365 days project - week 40

Day 281 - Sometimes only chocolate will do

It's been a crazy-busy day: a full day's teaching, then driving to another school for a two-hour meeting, then back to work for open evening.

By the time I got home I was cream crackered and nothing else would do other than a big chunk of chocolate.  Mmmmmm!

Day 280 - The 'shrooms are taking over

Euwwww!  They're back!  And they're multiplying!

Day 279 - Incy wincy

I'm really not bothered by spiders, so I found this guy quite fascinating when I found him spinning his web outside my back door.

Day 278

It got a bit late and I hadn't done my 365 shot (again!).  My straighteners were the nearest thing, so a quick, crap shot it was tonight.

Day 277 - Leave your hat on

I bought this hat a couple of weeks ago and just love it for when the weather gets a bit colder.  I realised late tonight that I hadn't taken a 365 shot, so this was a quick iphone photo.  Rubbish - sorry!

Day 276 - Tower of yum!

Day 275 - Autumn rain


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