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Friday, 8 October 2010

365 days project - week 39

Day 274 - Need to switch off

Day 273 - Hope for Camille

Tomorrow is a crucial day for Camille.  She has a major operation, so you can imagine it is an extremely nerve-wracking time for her family.

I spotted this teeny-tiny flower out in the garden this evening, and I thought it was perfect to symbolise Camille's fight: tiny and delicate but still standing bright and proud despite the lousy weather being chucked its way.

There is still plenty of fundraising going on and the campaign still needs plenty of support.  You can visit the website and donate here Camille's Appeal.  Please take the time to read the blog by Camille's dad - it really does give an insight into a tiny bit of what they are all going through day to day.

Day 272 - Fallen

Day 271 - Crazy Ranger!

This is my friend's new puppy, Ranger.  He's nuts!

Day 270 - They just make me happy!

Oh, I know, it's obvious by now what a shoe-lover I am, but nothing can make me happy like a new pair of shoes!

Arent' they gorgeous?

Day 269

Day 268 - Wild!

It's pretty obvious that I love shoes.  As soon as I put on a really fierce pair it transforms me and makes me feel ready to take on anything.

I bought these when I was taking a school trip to a conference in Birmingham.  We had an hour off for lunch so I snuck off to the Bullring, spotted these and couldn't resist.  Unfortunately, the students walked past the shop and caught me out just as I was trying them on!


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