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Thursday, 8 April 2010

365 days project - week 14

An unusual thing has happened this week... I have 2 weeks off work, and the sun is actually shining! I can really make the most of the time off, and all the lovely spring light, and it feels like a proper holiday! So, here are this week's shots:

Day 98 - Blossom

It has been the most beautiful spring day today. The sun has been shining all day, and there are signs of spring everywhere. The blossom was catching the light beautifully, so I thought that would be perfect for today's 365 shot.

Day 97

How cute is this?

I needed a new recipe book, as I've just been filling an old notebook with scrawled notes up until now, and it's become just too hard to make head or tail of.

I saw this funky one in Paperchase and had to get it, so this evening has been spent transfering all my recipes to my pretty new book, and doing lots of cutting and pasting of all the bits I've torn out of magazines over the years.

Day 96 - Concentration

As it's the school holidays, we took my nephew to the Ashmolean museum, which has recently reopened after some dramatic renovation.

He was concentrating very hard on one of the games here - I think he was designing his own Roman coin at this point.

Loving the tweed jacket! My sister in law decided that it made him look like Mark Ronson, especially with the side parting.

Day 95 - Bank Holiday tea

A friend of mine came round for tea this afternoon. I haven't seen her for ages, so we had a lovely afternoon catching up on the gossip, drinking lots of tea and finishin off the last of the hot cross buns.

Day 94 - Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody!

For Camille's Appeal.

Day 93 - Hot cross buns

I've never made these before, so I was rather impressed with myself that they seem to have turned out ok. (Mind you, I haven't actually tasted them yet!)

I used this recipe from BBC food, and despite quite a lot of faffing around waiting for the dough to prove, it wasn't too tricky.

Day 92 - Spring Blues

There are lots of spring flowers starting to pop up in my garden now (hooray!) I love the colours of these gorgeous grape hyacinths.

For Camille's Appeal.


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