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Friday, 23 April 2010

365 days project - week 16

Another week done!  Now spring has properly sprung, and lots of things are starting to grow in my garden, there may become rather a lot of tedious 'stuff in my garden' shots.  I'll have to try to be as creative as possible with them.

Day 112

Day 111

Day 110

Day 109

As I was watering the plants this evening, there was a beautiful, golden light coming from the last of the day's sun. I loved the way it was catching the red foliage of the rosebush, making everything glow.

Day 108 - Don't ask!

I have no idea what Chester was doing here! I came into the kitchen to find him like this, under his blanket, with just his paw sticking out.

He is nuts!
Day 107 - Chitting
It's been a gorgeous day today! I've been busy in the garden, getting things ready to grow so I have a lovely, bountiful crop come the summer.
I've always done quite well with potatoes over the last few years. I love digging up a fresh crop and taking them straight to the kitchen for a delicious dinner! This year I thought I'd go for some salad potatoes, so fingers crossed these are a success!
Day 106 - Volcanic sunset


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