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Friday, 2 April 2010

365 days project - week 13

Yay! The Easter holidays have started, so I have 2 weeks to get out and about and hopefully get a bit more imaginative with my shots. Having said that, the weather forecast isn't looking great, so I may end up with loads more indoor shots!

Day 91 - Easter fun

I picked these up at the weekend, just because I saw them in the florist and thought they were so cute and pretty!

Day 90 - Another mug shot. Sorry!

It's been another busy day, so I'm afraid it's another uninspired mug shot. I'm off out for our end of term meal, so no time tonight.

There is a reason for this shot, today, though. I've been mentoring a student teacher this year, who has been just fab. Sadly, it was her last day today, so she bought me a couple of pressies - this lovely Cath Kidston mug, and a gorgeous scarf. Luckily, she's going to be joining us in September when she qualifies!

Day 89 - Tug

My lodger bought a present for Chester - a tug rope. He loves it, so much and has been strutting around with it all evening. I'm not sure quite how long it'll last, but at least he's enjoying it for now.

Day 88 - Bunch of Spring

I went to the Covered Market yesterday, and the flower shops were just bursting with bunches of beautiful spring blooms.

I picked up these daffodils and paper whites, as they just seemed so fresh and spring-like, and they're now sititng on my mantelpiece.

Day 87 - Spring Colour

This week's Camille's Appeal theme is 'Spring'.

The clocks have gone forward, and it was a really lovely, spring day today, so I took a walk round town with my camera to snap all the lovely spring flowers coming into bloom.

I love this time of year, all about hope and renewal, so a perfect theme for Camille's Appeal. Camille and her family still need lots of support over the coming months, so please do visit the website and make a donation if you can to help Camille and children like her. Please also add any of your own spring photos to the group pool .

Day 86

There was a French market in town today. Lots of stinky cheese and crepes, but nothing too exciting, and all really expensive!

Day 85 - Little Imp!

I'm babysitting my nephew this evening. He's all snuggled up in his pjs and hat (not sure why the hat, but there you go), but did have to have a bit of a jump around on the sofa before snuggling down.


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