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Friday, 16 April 2010

365 days project - week 15

Passed the 100 day milestone this week! Now the sun is shining, and things are getting going on my garden, I have become a bit more inspired with things to photograph (although I had a bit of a blip over the weekend when I wasn't quite feeling up to taking very inspired pictures!)

Day 105

Day 104

Tonight's dinner - butternut squash! I'm going to have a go at growing these in my garden this year as I just lurve them! It may end up like last year's courgettes and I'll end up with so many of them that I end up sick of them, but we shall see!

Day 103 - Nosey

My mum has 2 Norfolk terriers, Molly and Mabel (I'm not entirely sure which one this is!) They're so little that whenever I go around there, the first thing I see is a tiny little nose poking through the little gap at the bottom of the garden gate!

Day 102

I've been sneaking around my neighbour's garden again, as I just love the deep pink of these flowers. Oh, I do love all the spring flowers at the moment!

Day 101

I've spent the morning in the garden today.  As well as the boring jobs like mowing the lawn and picking out weeds, I managed to pick out the first of this year's rhubarb!

This has now been turned into a delicious rhubarb and apple crumble, which was really good even if I do say so myself.

Day 100 - I heart tights

Still recovering from my weekend so I'm afraid it's a rather rubbish shot tonight.  I bought these tights the other day and I'm rather loving them at the moment, so they'll have to do as today's shot.

Day 99 - Oops!

I went to visit a friend this weekend. It was such lovely weather, and there were 2 for 1 Mojitos, and by the time I remembered I needed to take my 365 shot we'd had a bottle of wine with our dinner.

This was my attempt to grab a quick shot, but as you may notice it's totally out of focus as I didn't exactly have the steadiest hand!


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