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Saturday, 3 July 2010

365 days project - week 26

Day 182

Day 181

My broad beans are nearly ready!
This little lady was catching the last rays of sun on one of the shoots this evening.
Day 180
A bit sad, I know, but I was getting ready for my bath and remembered I hadn't taken my 365 shot today. I'd just opened up a new tub of coconut body butter and I just love the smooth, thick texture of it, so I thought it'd do for today's shot.
Day 179 - Half Pint
Day 178

This is one of my birthday presents.

I'm going to try to make some pretty cakes from in here.  Hopefully they'll turn out awesome and be good enough to grace the pages of my 365 in the future!

Day 177 - Oh no!

Time to fess up!  It's my birthday today, so I had a party last night.  We had a bbq at my house with friends and family round.  I was going to get lots of pictures of us all while we celebrated and had fun...

Except.... I had too much fun and forgot to take any photos until this morning.

So here is my sorry little piece of cake from the morning after.

Bad times.  Must try harder.

Day 176


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